The Procrastination Paper Issue 2: Creativity (Single Copy)

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This listing is for one copy of Issue Two of the Procrastination Paper - shipping on this item is free! Also available as a monthly subscription or a 3 Month Gift Subscription.The Procrastination Paper is a colourful monthly mini mag which encourages you to Waste Some Time Offline. Issue Two's theme is Creativity. Here's a taster of what you can expect:

  • Artwork and an article on inspiration by @dickvincent
  • An article on analogue creativity and some special interactive artwork by @chimpsteaparty
  • An interview with the brilliant @spellingmistakescostlives
  • Why poetry should be your next form off offline procrastination by @dwalks50
  • An article on how sewing keeps @pinkcoatclub off her phone
  • An article by my Dad on how he used his creativity in a rather cheeky way when he was at school
  • A mixtape by @adventuresandteaparties
  • An easy and positive DIY by @hellohinnyto help you spread positivity

Plus more features, interactive sections, games and articles...


Each magazine is A5, 28 pages and printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled paper.

(Please note that these magazines are one-offs and therefore you won't receive a Welcome Pack. Check the other buying options if you're interested in subscribing)