Procrastination Paper FAQs

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to monthly mags or a 3 month gift subscription which automatically cancels after you or your recipient have received a Welcome Pack and 3 mags.


How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time you like by logging into my website - click 'Manage Subscription' and in the 'Manage' drop down menu you'll find the 'Cancel subscription' option. Alternatively you can email me and I will sort it out for you.


Help! I cancelled by subscription and now want to resubscribe, but I don't need another Welcome Pack

Great, welcome back! You can use this renewal listing to resubscribe - you'll be charged £5 immediately and I'll send you the current month's issue. After that your subs will go back to normal and you'll be automatically charged on the 1st of each month.


What's my £3 subscription fee for?

When you subscribe to monthly mags you'll pay £3, which covers your Welcome Pack. The Welcome Pack contains an A6 sized mini mag called The Procrastination Paper Guide to Putting Your Phone Down and Wasting Some Time Offline (which contains all you need to know about your subscription, subscriber benefits, some tips and tricks on bettering your relationship with your phone and some games and activities), a Waste Some Time Offline postcard, a personalised membership card and some stickers. You can see a photo of the Welcome Pack in the product listing

If you have bought a 3 month subscription the cost of the Welcome Pack has been factored into the one off fee you pay.


I'm going away for a while, can I pause my subscription?

Yes, just log in and you can pause as many months as you like and you won't be charged or sent any Papers for those months.


How can I change my address or card details?

Just log in to your account. From there you can either click 'View Addresses' and edit there or click 'Manage' and click 'Update Address'.


How can I add a gift message to my 3 month gift subscription?

Please email me if you'd like to include a gift message with a short message and your order number and name. I'm sorry this isn't simpler - I am working on it! You can reply to the order confirmation and your email will get through to me if that makes it any simpler.


When will I be charged for my magazines and when can I expect them to arrive?

You will automatically be charged £5 on the first of each month until you cancel. Papers are sent within the first 10 days of the month and are currently being posted out gradually, so as not to overwhelm the postal system due to the pandemic. They are posted second class so please allow a few days for them to arrive after they've been marked as despatched.


Is postage included?

Postage for UK subscriptions is FREE. Postage for international orders is £3 per shipment.


Will 3 month subscriptions auto-renew?

No, your subscription will be automatically cancelled after you have received 3 Procrastination Papers. If you'd like to renew you can do so here


I'd like to contribute something to the Paper, how can I get involved?

You can email me any time with an idea, a recommendation, a pitch or a comment. You can also sign up for callouts, which I send whenever I'm looking for contributors for particular themes.


What's inside the Paper?

Every issue is different, but each contains a number of articles, usually at least one interview, a centrefold filled with puzzles and games, a playlist, often a recipe or DIY tutorial and more.


Is the Paper suitable for children?

The Procrastination Paper is not designed with children in mind, it's up to parents to read through and decide whether it's suitable for their own child. Sometimes there is swearing, but since issue 17 this has been censored with asterisks.


How do I find out what themes are coming up?

You can follow @theprocrastinationpaper on Instagram (it'll be in my bio) or check the top of my website.


I'm worried that an upcoming theme or feature might be triggering for me, what should I do?

Please email me so that we can figure it out. It might be that you want to pause your subscription for a month or sometimes I can send you a back issue in place of the coming issue.


Any other questions? Get in touch!