Oh hello! I’m Zabby, a colourful creative from south east London. I help people to #WasteSomeTimeOffline with my monthly mini mag the Procrastination Paper. I came up with the idea for the Paper when I discovered that I was spending 4+ hours each day staring at my phone, yet walking around (and posting on Instagram, obvs) declaring that there “wasn’t enough time in the day” to get everything done. As it turned out I just needed to put my bloody phone down for a while and I magically found time to do more of the things I loved*. The Procrastination Paper encourages you to step away from your screen for a bit and embrace play, creativity, curiosrity, conversation and adventure. You can subscribe to monthly mags here or learn more about the Paper here if you’d like to.

*Please also know I am still very much on my own screentime journey and spend far too much time on Instagram. It's a work in progress…


That sounds fun! What else do you do?

When I’m not working on the Procrastination Paper I am usually walking my Moroccan rescue dog Noushi and sporting a pair of dungarees (me, not the dog), cooking something tasty (Follow me on Pinterest for veggie recipes and unrealistic home decor ideas), watching a film or TV series with my other half (who works in film and TV and often points out locations to me half way through), playing games or drinking and chatting with my friends (sometimes all at the same time!), reading in the bath (risky but relaxing) or going on adventures (It's been a fun challenge to find adventure close to home in the past year or so).

I am also proud to be the editor of The Happy Newspaper by Emily Coxhead and co-run In Colourful Company with Toni Bee, a community for people who love colour. Find out more about ICC below…

How did you get where you are today?

I walked approximately 15 steps from my bed to the corner of my living room (via the kitchen for a cuppa) where I work next to a big window I spend most of my time staring out of.

Just kidding, I know what you mean. If you'd like to know more you can listen to this podcast I did with Indie Roller where I talk about my past jobs and my journey towards doing the work that I want to be known for.


Still wanna know more?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions…

Is Zabby your real name?

TECHNICALLY my name is Elizabeth (I have got very used to the look of disappointment on people’s faces when I tell them that), but I have been called Zabby by everyone except supply teachers and my late Grandma (who insisted that Zabby was “a cat’s name”) since I was teeny tiny. I went from “Baby E”, to “Little E” to “Zabby”. It’s essentially a family joke that got rather out of hand.

What is the Procrastination Paper?

If you don’t know by now you obviously haven’t read my whole spiel. I don’t blame you tbh, I do bang on a bit. To put it simply, the Procrastination Paper is a monthly mini magazine which encourages you to put your phone down for a little while and Waste Some Time Offline instead filled with articles, interviews, artwork, playlists, recipes, DIYs and more. I’d recommend reading this blog post to find out more. Alternatively check out the subscription product listing or read the FAQs.

How sustainable is your business?

I love living on this planet and care about it a lot, so I try and be as sustainable as possible in my business and everyday life. The Procrastination Paper is printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled paper. Any time I print something on paper I am sure to only used FSC certified paper, mostly recycled.

One of the main reasons I decided to stop selling pins and patches etc was that I felt uncomfortable about the environmental impact in production and the amount of plastic involved in packaging/postage (particularly for pins).

What is In Colourful Company?

In Colourful Company is a community for people who love colour set up by artist Toni Bee and now co-run by me. We have an online community on Facebook (search for In Colourful Company Hub) where we share colourful things and share positive posts. We also meet up in real life as much as possible and encourage social meet-ups and ‘Colour Walks’ where a host plans a tour of their home town, visiting colourful spots and making friends along the way. ICC was set up to tackle loneliness and to help people find like-minded folk and it’s certainly changed my life for the better!

For more info I recommend joining the Facebook group and following on Instagram

Still got questions about the Procrastination Paper?

Try checking the FAQs and if that doesn't help, email me!