The Best Craft Kits 2021 (Picked by Zabby)

The Best Craft Kits 2021 (Picked by Zabby)


Crafting has seen a massive boom in recent years - we ran a story in The Happy News last year about the Market for Craft Report which confirmed 73% of UK adults bought craft products in 2019 - and that's PRE-PANDEMIC! Not only can crafting be good for our health, but it's a great distraction from our phones, and you get something out of it when you're finished too.

This is why I wanted to focus on Arts & Crafts for March's issue of the Procrastination Paper (subscriptions are open here, until the end of Feb). I found so many brilliant businesses offering craft kits during the process of editing this issue and sadly there are only so many people I can fit into a 32 page mag, so I'm sharing some of my favourite craft kits here, along with some suggestions from my fabulous followers...

Tabara is in March's Arts & Crafts issue talking about her baskets and how she was inspired on a trip to Senegal.
This is my own current obsession and I love that you can pick your own colour palette! Nerrisa is in March's Arts & Crafts issue talking about her own relationship with crafting.
Niamh is also featured in March's Arts & Crafts issue, talking about her love for embroidery and how she started selling her WEStitch Kits over lockdown.
I think this is such a cool ideal! You can pick your ring width and metal. I love the rings Kim (who funnily enough is featured in March's Arts & Crafts issue!) has made using this kit.
I want one of these so much! I also love the 80s mixtape collab Emma did with Liz Harry and I dream of collaborating with her on my own needlepoint kit.
This kit even comes with a playlist to listen to while you craft your candle - love it!
I love a kit that's customisable so you don't end up with more of what you already have - in Alice's kit can pick if you want a tote bag, practice pad and lettermate included.
Amy also has lots of excellent sweary designs!
Ruth sells lots of beginner-friendly craft kits. This star would be perfect for a child or teen (not that it's not cute for adults too)
OK, so this is an online course, rather than just a single craft kit, but it does come with a starter kit (which includes the items shown above) and it looks like a lot of fun! Nerrisa (of The Bargello Edit, above) is currently taking this course and recommended it to us.     
When it comes to making your own clothes, Tilly and the Buttons is a great place for beginners - their kits are simple and clear and there are videos and books to help you out. I have several Tilly patterns sitting in my cupboard I need to attempt at some point this year.
Isn't this the most beautiful bag? I might have to save up for one of these! Esther also sells purse, wallet and pouch kits that are a little more affordable.
I can vouch for how satisfying bookbinding is, as it was a big part of my degree. Mandy's kits include everything you need to get started and will help you make a beautiful case bound book.
I've had my eye on this one for a while - anything with pockets gets my vote! You can pick from a beautiful selection of colours on Lauren's website, where you'll find tons more kits.
If you're not sure you're ready to tackle a craft kit just yet, but want a mindful creative activity, colouring is a good place to start! 
Discover lots more crafty businesses and get inspired to get creative yourself, with March's Arts & Crafts issue of the Procrastination Paper!
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I'd love to know what craft kits you recommend too! Leave a comment below or tag a creative business in the comments of this Insta post.

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