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Mar 26th 2016



Sometimes a theme can get a bit out of hand and what was supposed to be a Unicorn Party can quickly become a Surprise Mexican Unicorn Princess Slumber Party... but I'm not complaining. Last weekend my best girls and I threw a mini surprise party for our pal Preetika's 25th birthday, and we had so much fun acting like little kids all night. I had intended to take a bunch of pretty photos on my camera to document all the decorations and snacks but time ran away with me and by the time I'd finished cooking, cleaning and setting up, the light had left me and my guests were arriving. So please accept these instagram snaps from me and my Girl Gang...


Here we are chanelling the Spice Girls...

For one night only my work desk was transformed into a unicorn themed snack table, complete with (glittery pastel!) unicorn horn donuts made by Vicky's Donuts, cute rainbow cupcakes which I made, inspired by a photo on Pinterest and more sweets than we could eat!





In the kitchen we had a mojito station, with extra strawberries for the birthday girl (she requests them in every cocktail!) and a burrito making station (birthday girl's fave food). It's safe to say we were well fed and I lived off the leftovers for the whole of Easter weekend.


For entertainment we invented a few unicorn themed drinking games (don't ask!) and my bestie Ceri brought her Dream Phone!!! I even made a Pin the Horn on the Unicorn game using Emma Margaret's super cute unicorn best friends illustration from February's Girl Planet, which was made into an enamel pin for February's Galentines Lucky Dip Club box. I was hoping that my new A3 printer would arrive so that I could do her illustration justice and make the game look a little less homemade... but I guess it wasn't meant to be and I had to go ahead with sticking together a bunch of A4 sheets together! Thanks Emma for letting me use your beautiful illustration.



Can I host a Mexican Unicorn Princess party every weekend please?!

George even got in on the action, though I'm not sure how he felt about being around so many girls, what do you think?


If you're inspired to throw your own unicorn party, I've just created a Unicorn Party Pinterest board, so you'll find lots of ideas there!

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