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Easy DIY Painted Enamel Pin Display Coark Board

My enamel pin collection has grown a lot in the past few months snd I needed somewhere better to store them. Whilst packing for my recent move I found this spare cork board which I thought would be perfect! All it took was a little acrylic paint to jazz the board up a little and now my pins are not only on display but much easier to pick out too! I p al the backs in a little bowl so I can pick out the most secure ones (I've sadly lost a few pins recently).

The only trouble is... now I just want even more pins to add to my collection! Here are a small selection of the HUNDREDS that are on my wishlist at the moment...

Enamel Pin wish list

Please Adopt Pin by Studio Coup, Glow-in-the-dark Angler Pin by Oh Plesiosaur, Avocatdo Pin by Pony People, Flamingo in a Party Hat Pin by Birds in Hats, Fuck Off Daisy by yayvm, Custard Cream by Nikki McWilliams, Pastel Rainbow Camera Pin by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, Terrarium Pin by Finest Imaginary, Plant Lover Pin by OH NO Rachio!, Cat Paw Stamp Pin by Natelle Draws Stuff, Donut Shop Pin by We Are Extinct, Ice Cream Cat Pin Sparkle Collective

I also realised whilst doing this that there are SO MANY cat pins and not a huge amount of dog ones... I think the next pin I design may have to be dog-themed. For now you can get hold of my blobfish pin in my Etsy shop for £7. 10% of each order goes to help endangered animals.

Blobfish Enamel Pin by Zabby Allen

What are your fave pins right now? Have you found any anamzing dog ones I should know about? Tag me in on instagram @zabbyallen!

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