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Caboodle is a bi-annual print compendium of all the wonderful things in life. Filled with beautiful photography and illustrations along with exciting editorials and features, Caboodle is fun and colourful, with a sense of humour and optimistic nature. Our focus is on showcasing the work of talented creatives and designer-makers from around the world. It offers a little bit of what everybody fancies, with a kindhearted and encouraging ethos.Caboodle is designed to be a beautiful keepsake, to be displayed on bookshelves and read again and again.

If that doesn't sound like the most perfect magazine, I don't know what does! If you follow me on Instagram or have read my blog posts before then you'll probably know that I'm the Crafts Editor at Caboodle Magazine. This means I have the pleasure of picking a theme for the crafts section in each issue and commissioning creative DIY tutorials based around that theme. I'd love to discover some new talent to feature in future issues, so I'm going to share some details about the process of picking contributors' ideas and how you can get involved, in the hope you'll want to!

Caboodle Magazine SS18 Craft Party

So far I've commissioned crafts based on the themes "Craft Party" and "Life's a Beach", which have resulted in some really cool tutorials. Once I've picked our theme I reach out to talented creative folk to see if they'd like to submit some ideas for a craft tutorial based around that theme (We tend to feature 9-10 crafts per issue). I send a PDF to all contributors which includes a few simple intructions, deadline dates for ideas and final crafts, a bit of background around the theme and some images that I hope will get their ideas flowing! I ask each contributor to send through at least two ideas, just in case we have any submissions that are similar to each other, but they are welcome to send as many as they like.

Caboodle Issue 6 Craft Tutorials Party Kayti Peschke Zabby Allen

Once I've sent the PDF, I'll give contributors at least two weeks to come back to me with some ideas for tutorials. Ideas submissions vary from person to person, ranging from a couple of typed up sentences, to a whole PDF full of sketches and photos. There's no pressure to send images with your ideas, but it can help me visualise the final product. Once I have picked all of the final crafts (I might not be able to get back to everyone immediately, so please be patient) I send out another PDF containing info on how contributors need to supply their photographs and text. They will then (under most circumstances) have at least a month to create their craft tutorial and send it back to me. I like to pick a mixture of crafts in terms of the materials and techniques used, the subject matter and the skill level required to make them.

All final crafts will need to be posted to Kayti, Caboodle's editor up in York, so contributors need to take that into account when coming up with ideas. Once we know what all of the final crafts will be Kayti and I get planning for the photoshoot, where we have a lot of fun styling (and I spend most of my time following her dogs around). I'm currently looking forward to going up to York in June to shoot our Autumn/Winter 2018 Crafts for issue 8 (look out for some sneak peeks on June 12th!). Here are some behind the scenes shots from our Spring/Summer 2018 shoot last November - notice the heater and bobble hat - the irony of shooting a Summer Holiday themed shoot in freezing temperatures was not lost on us....

Caboodle Craft Shoot Behind the Scenes SS18 Kayti Peschke Zabby Allen

Caboodle Craft Shoot Behind the Scenes SS18 Kayti Peschke Zabby Allen

Caboodle Craft Shoot Behind the Scenes SS18 Kayti Peschke Zabby Allen

If working with Caboodle sounds like something you'd like to do, please email me at zabby[at] with a link to your website/social profiles, anywhere I can see your work. If you've created craft tutorials before then please send an example of that too. I'm not gonna lie, it makes me job a whole lot easier if I have submissions, so please don't be shy and get in touch! I might not respond right away, as I only have a set amount of time I can dedicate to Caboodle at the moment and all of the crafts for our upcoming Autumn/Winter issue are already commissioned, so it'll be a little while before I'm working on the 2019 issues. I promise you I read every submission and where possible I will reply to everyone eventually.

Wanna see some examples of craft tutorials from previous issues? Click the images to find the full tutorials and make your own.

Sarah Matthews Caboodle Magazine Paper Flowers by Sarah Matthews

Paper Flowers by Sarah Matthews - These were featured in our Craft Party issue and I love them! We used them to decorate our scrumptious cake (made by @ktffos), but you could use them for all sorts of things.

Zabby Allen Caboodle Magazine DIY Craft Food Noticeboards

Before I was hired as Crafts Editor I used to submit tutorials to the mag myself! Here's one of my own craft tutorials for Caboodle - foodie noticeboards made from Ikea placemats.

Keep an eye out for more craft tutorials from Caboodle, I'll be sharing some of my faves in upcoming newsletters. Kayti has shared a 10% discount code for my readers so you can stock up on Caboodles (and treat yourself to her awesome pins) with the code CABOODLE10 until July 1st. Any questions about Caboodle? Just get in touch!

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