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Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke

Whilst I was up in York earlier this month for the Caboodle Magazine shoot, I took the opportunity to photograph founder Kayti Peschke in her workspace. Kayti's bungalow on the outskirts of York is seriously HOUSE GOALS, full of vintage treasures, colour and personality - you can check out some snaps of her house on Kayti's website.

As she's a photographer, Kayti has a light-filled photography studio in her garden, and a colourful room in her house (with a calming view over a field) where she works on Caboodle. I asked Kayti a few questions about how she uses the two spaces and spent a long time following around her two adorable dogs, Frank and Ozzy...

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

Tell us a little bit about how you use your two workspaces.

I spend most of my time working from the laptop in my office and mainly just use the studio for shoots. It's really great to have a separate space to shoot in and I like to keep it tidy and like a blank canvas. It feels more inspiring to create something colourful in there when it's all white and plain! My office is a lot more disorderly and although it works well that way, I’m always trying to make it more organised as I go!

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

Was the studio in the garden when you moved in or did you build it yourself?

When I moved in there was a really decrepit garage up with no door and an asbestos roof that was leaning at a very scary angle, I never dared go in it! So I got that removed and got the studio put up. It’s basically a giant shed so is a bit chilly in winter. I try and avoid shooting in there in the winter months, I tend to bring backgrounds in the house and shoot next to the fire instead! But in summer it's a gorgeous space ith lots of lovely natural light to shoot in. I make the most of summer and shoot with all the doors open!

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

What are your favourite and least favourite things about working from home?

Faves - constant puppy cuddles and being able to escape to the garden for an hour if it’s sunny!

Least faves - when the cabin fever sets in, especially in the winter months. Sometimes I can go over a week without seeing or talking to anyone so I have to make an effort to get out so I don’t go full “Shining” haha!

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

Do you have a set routine or take each day as it comes?

I definitely take each day as it comes! I’m really strict with myself and like to get up early and crack on, I’m definitely more productive in the morning. I have two main to do lists - a ‘master’ list that has all the different sections of the magazine on that need completing for each issue. Then I have my planner which has my daily tasks on; I break everything in down into manageable chunks so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. Some days I am organising with contributors, other days I’ll be working on layouts, some days on shoots. Every day is different so it's definitely a case of being as organised as I can be so it all runs smoothly! My only constant routine is taking the dogs a few walks everyday, which is great to get me away from the laptop for some fresh air to think!

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

Tell us a bit about the artwork on your walls in your office... Do you have any favourite pieces?

Yeah it has been evolving the last few years. All year I pop things up there that people send me or I collect that inspire me, and it's a nice kick up the arse every day to read those words and keep going! I usually do a wall cull in the new year and rearrange it all a bit so it feels fresh. My faves are the piece Sarah Coey did that was inspired by her reading the mag. Just knowing that the mag inspires people means so much to me and makes it all worthwhile. And my other fave is the ‘What would Bruce do’ print by North or Nowt. Whenever I’m feeling a bit ugh I look at it and the answer is always the same - Just keep rocking the shit out of it - so I do!

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

What's it like when all of the magazines start arriving? Where do you store and pack them?

Haha it's always a bit manic! The overexcitement/fear about pulling the first one out of the box is heart-stopping, checking it all looks okay and the cover isn’t on upside down or anything!! 1,000 magazines arrive on two pallets, so the first challenge is carrying 84 boxes into the house on my own, then trying to squeeze as many as I can in the office! There is usually an overspill which ends up in my living room, but once I pack up pre-orders and send to suppliers these go down quite quickly. I really enjoy the mass packing and sending of the pre-orders and getting the first copies out there to everyone who has contributed. I have a little packing table which is very organised and like a little one woman production line, and I usually write the 200-odd pre-order postcards before the mags arrive so it's all good to go. Then it's eagerly keeping an eye on social to see when they land and what people think of them!

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

How long have you been hiring out your "retro bungalow" as a locations house and what's it like when a team descends to shoot?

As soon as I moved here I started using it for shoots, and as I’ve decorated it more and more teams wanted to use it as a location. It can be quite manic and overwhelming having lots of people running riot in your home but you just have to kind of detach from it and not be too precious! I’ve had Christmas parties in my living room, full drum kits being thrashed, people jumping up and down on the vintage 60’s sofa and most recently 20+ zombies in my garage! But I love the energy it brings to the house and as I spend most of my time alone it's really fun to have a houseful of people sometimes!

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

When you need to get out of the studio and clear your head where do you go?

I love my dog walks and there are loads of lovely places to go round here, walk up a hill and look at the view! I also love to go into York, check out an exhibition or meet friends for a nice coffee and chat. It’s really nice to live the quiet country life but be able to get into York and hang out with lots of other awesome creatives and makers too. There is a great creative community here and there is always something fun to do!

Studio Sweet Studio: Kayti Peschke of Caboodle Magazine

Follow Kayti and Caboodle Magazine on Instagram, check out her photography on her website and pre-order Issue 8 from Monday onwards!

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