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Stories Show and Tell Instagram Stories Challenge by Zabby Allen

Some of you may have spotted on my Instagram that I recently launched a new Stories Challenge called Show and Tell (#StoriesShowandTell). I've always been a big fan of things... at primary school we used to have Show and Tell once in a while, where we'd usually bring in a toy and tell the class why we loved it or where it came from. Years later, at uni I worked on a group magazine project for which we asked several people to tell us about an object that meant something to them and the selection of objects chosen were so different and utterly fascinating to me - each had a story attached and a sentiment behind it. I even did wrote my dissertation on collections and did loads of research on hoarding. I think the objects we keep, collect, choose to spend our money on or seek out tell a story about who we are and the journey of our lives. So, I thought why not share those objects on Instagram Stories? I figured it would be a good way to get to know each other a bit better and provide a good excuse to push myself and others to talk to camera more. Although in recent weeks I've got better at talking to camera and showing my face on Instagram, I do find that having a "prop" helps me feel a little less scared, in the same way holding a drink makes me feel a little less scared about dancing in public (I've been known to carry around an empty glass on the dancefloor until I get caught out). So here are the prompts for June...

Stories Show and Tell Zabby Allen June Instagram Stories Challenge

Week one has already flown by and we've been shown people's children, pets, ornaments, games, cuddly toys, accessories, stationery, heirlooms, places, clothes, photos... The list goes on. We've heard touching stories, funny stories, sometimes sad ones too. I am overwhelmed by how many people have taken part in the challenge and the honesty shared through Stories. Some people who have never talked to camera before have braved it and found it's not so scary afterall - I've watched confidence grow in people in the space of a week and feel like I've genuinely made so many new friends and chatted to so many new people. I hoped the challenge would help us all get to know each other a bit better and I do genuinely feel like I know my Insta friends SO much better, just after the first week.

So are you gonna join in? There's a different prompt to join in with every week (or you can play catch up if you like) and you can find out more details/watch my own Stories in my highlights reel on Instagram. Each week there will be some fun interactive games and quizzes to join in with too.

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