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Office Drawer DIY

Most of the furniture in my office/studio space is second hand family hand-me-downs. My desk, chair and drawers probably aren't what I would have chosen myself but they've done me very well, are extremely functional and have saved me dishing out cash I don't have on new furniture.

One thing that's been driving me mad since moving is the set of drawers I use to store paper, cards and packaging materials. In our old house they were tucked away in the corner of a room, but now they're the first thing I spot when I come up the stairs and go into my studio. They're just old, worn out aliminium drawers with years of old labels covering them - functional but not very pretty! I decided this week that I needed to do soemthing about them.. so you can see my little makeover above.

If you have a set of drawers that need a little makeover then follow my easy intuctions below:

  • Give the drawers a good clean. Peel off any old labels as thoroughly as possible and wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure the drawers are totally dry before continuing.
  • Measure one of the drawers and cut out stips of paper just larger than each individual drawer front. I used this great watermelon wrapping paper from Oh Deer, illustrated by Vicki Bloomfield.
  • Unscrew the handles of each drawer.
  • Brush a light layer of PVS glue all over the front of one of the drawer fronts, extending slightly over each edge.
  • Place a strip of your paper over the drawer. Make sure you spend lots of time pressing down heard on the paper to get rid of any air bubbles. I found that my bonefolder was perfect for this but the side of your hand when it's in a fist works just as well. Firmly add pressure from the centre outwards, being careful not to tear or stretch the paper.
  • Trim the edges down and fold over (you may need to add a little extra glue for this).
  • Repeat with each drawer.
  • Poke holes back through for the handles and screw them back on.
  • Put your drawers back in the unit and ta-da! New drawers!

Watermelon Drawer Makeover

I'm so much happier with my drawers now! Have you got a project like this you've been putting off? Bank holiday weekend is the perfect time do it! I'd love to see your DIY projects too, so share them with my on instagram or twitter - I'm @zabbyallen.

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