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DIY Mother's Day Notebooks

Hello all! I've been rather busy here with commissions in between full-time work so I've been making sure to give myself some proper time off at weekends and I've even managed to take a few holidays which has been lovely! This means that I'm a little behind with the blog and haven't had time to do any DIYs or buy a mother's day gift... so I thought I could combine the two! Cheeky!

My Mum lives in Scotland so I needed something that would be easy to pop in the post, even towards the end of this week. So here you have it: Mother's Day Notebooks. I've designed 3 different covers which you can print off at home, fold in half and put together into some really easy and super useful notebooks. Mums love receiving things their children have made right? I hope so!

Find the covers to download and print below (and don't panic when they look a weird colour online, they're CMYK so they should print the colours in the images below). I recommend you print the covers and lined sheets borderless if you have that option, but if not they'll just have a little white border around the edge (which you can always trim off if you prefer). I've also included a lined sheet which you can print off if you think your Mum (like mine) would prefer a ruled notebook.

Cover download links:

Minty Kitties

Minty Kitties Printable Notebook Cover

Fab & Floral

Fab and Floral Printable Notebook Cover

The Boss

The Boss Printable Notebook Cover

Lined Paper for Inside

printable lined paper for notebooks

Hope you and your Mums like them!

DIY mother's day notebooks

You will need (for one notebook):

  • Card or paper printed with one of the patterns below for the cover
  • 6 sheets of paper (printed with the lines if you like) for the inside sheets
  • Long arm stapler or needle and thread (linen thread works best for bookbinding, but embroidery thread or any thick thread will work fine.
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scalpel and cutting mat (optional)

Fold your cover and inside sheets in half and place the inside sheets inside the cover.

If you have a long enough stapler, staple the book together twice along the spine, approx 5 cm from the top and bottom.

stapled notebook

If you're using a needle and thread: mark 6 cm from the top and bottom with your pencil, pierce these marks through carefully with your needle. From the inside, sew out through the bottom hole and back through the top, tying the loose ends together in a double knot inside and trim the ends off.

notebook sewn

notebook inside

The inside sheets might be poking out of the long edge a bit so trim these down with your scalpel if you like. And that's it! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

DIY mother's day notebooks with printable covers

Don't forget to let me know on instagram if you've given one of these notebooks to your Mum!

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