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Zabby Allen Desk in Home Studio

I’ve always been a little bit nosey… I love seeing how people decorate their homes and in particular, their workspaces. Home studios need to be functional, inspiring places to be - somewhere that makes you want to work, away from the distractions around the home. Books like Open Studios by Lotta Jansdotter, websites like Design Sponge and the introduction of Pinterest only made my obsession with studio spaces grow stronger and I longed for my own!

In the past I’ve spread my work and (and my huge hoard of craft supplies) throughout my homes, or set up in the corners of rooms. Once I started working from home last year, it was important for me to have a proper space, so I set up in the corner of what used to be our dining room and gradually made my own little happy place. It did me very well, and I loved my desk dearly, but I was always in the corner of a room, in what was basically an open plan space, so no one who was in the living room could relax properly knowing I was working.

Late last month we moved with two of our friends into a four bedroom house and I’m SO excited to say that I currently have a whole room to myself. I’ve filled the cupboards with my craft supplies, products and packaging, covered the walls in artwork I love, filled it with cacti and plants and put all my bits and pieces on the shelves. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have my own space to work in and to have all my creative things in one place. I can get my sewing machine out whenever I want and make a total mess (and I already have), I can empty my box of paints all over the floor to find the colour I need (and I have) and I can fill it with as many cute things as I want (and I have)! I can’t wait to create more in here…

My only worry now is that our tenancy is currently only for a year and I already never want to leave! Working from home (and having way too many things) doesn’t exactly make moving very easy.

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about workspaces recently, I wanted to share some studios that have caught my eye with you. From simple and minimal spaces I could never achieve myself, to messy and charming workshops I’d love to explore, they all have a unique charm about them. I’ve also shared a few photos of my current studio set-up at the end for you to have a nosey at!

Simple & Minimal

Simple Studio Space

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Lexi Ward’s pretty pastel and white space doubles as a guest room. She’s keep it super simple and breezy, I love those pastel pink tones with the plant, and of course that Eames chair!

Minimal Studio Space

[Image Source]

Dusty pink, rose gold and white are such a dream colour combo!

Compact & Clever

Cupboard Studio Space

[Image Source]

Love this idea of using a cupboard for a desk and the pop of yellow behind the shelves is gorgeous! Brilliant use of space, and having the shelves and surrounding walls painted white mean it doesn’t feel too claustrophobic.

Cupboard Desk Space

[Image Source]

Another cute workspace in a cupboard, but the door remains on this one and the desk can be folded away - very clever! This would be a great solution to having a workspace in a functioning room such as a living or dining room. You could just shut your work away at night! And there’s another Eames chair… swoon!

Unique & Inspiration-Filled

Little Big Bell's Studio

[Image Source]

I love Geraldine’s studio! White with pops of colour is my favourite look for a studio and the colour palette here is just lovely. Her space is also much more realistic and achievable for me - as much as I love the minimal looks shown earlier, I just have too many things I love too much not to have out on show. Geraldine switches her space up quite a lot too, which I think is great. She keeps it fresh and inspiring! Oh and we have the same phone! Check our her studio tour on her blog. (

Lovely Desk with Gallery Wall

[Image Source]

I do love a gallery wall and I like the idea of having one above a desk filled with all your favourite things. The pops of red here also work really well here against the muted duck egg colour too.

Functional & Full

Inspirational Desk

[Image Source]

I’m a big fan of washi tape and love that you can just quickly and easily stick anything that inspires you up on your wall and chop and change the artwork above your desk as and when you feel like it. This slightly messy but very realistic workspace is really fun!

Huge Art Studio

[Image Source]

Oh my god! This is the dream right here - a huge light filled space you can fill with things and make a huge mess in, with different areas for different things. Perfection! Shame it doesn’t really exist and is actually a computer generated image!

My Home Studio

For now though I am extremely grateful for my little studio space. It’s got two windows so is lovely and bright, has two desk areas and loads of storage for all of my stuff - I love it! I still have a bit of work to do on it but here are some photos of my current set-up…

Zabby Allen Home Studio

My favourite (and most important) part of my studio is my desk. I've kept a fairly similar set-up as I had at the old house, but organised my space a little better and cleaned it up a bit to make it more functional. I've kept the same AndSmile original gouache paintings on the wall, which match my neon memo board rather nicely! I want to use this board as more of an inspiration board this time round and chop and change it once in a while. I've also added a Lizzy Stewart tiger print to continue the plant theme and some amazing bunting fairy lights I found in Tiger. I'm really pleased to now have my patches on the wall where I can see them too, I just haven't found anything good enough to sew/iron them on to yet!

Zabby Allen Home Studio

The storage in this room was a godsend! I can hide away all the unsightly things and neatly store all of my packaging materials and stock. Liek everything else it's a wok in progress but I'm getting there! I've popped some prints up on the doors to brighten them up a bit for now - by AndSmile, Anthony Burrill and A Beautiful Mess' Happy Mail.

Zabby Allen Home Studio

The two windows in my studio fill the room with light! I try and leave the area under this window clear for photography or cutting. Some of my things still need to find permanent homes, but for now they look quite cute on the windowsill.

Zabby Allen Home Studio

I originally put most of these things on the shelves to get them out of the way, but they all looked so lovely together that they stayed. I found the pink bunny in a Rochester charity shop for about 60p a few years ago and I found the deer skull whilst walking in Scotland with my Mum! The little envelope notebook is by Lucy May Schofield, who bound together the envelopes from children's Christmas lists sent to Father Christmas. The cactus papercut is by Little Paper Vee and all other artwork and the Girls banner are from Lucky Dip Club boxes.

Zabby Allen Home Studio

Although my A3 printer is currently driving me insane, it's SO nice to have space to have it out on a worktop, ready to use. The rolls on top are more artwork, ready to frame when I have some more money. The Lilac Breasted Roller print is by Alice Tams of Birds in Hats and I made the weaving from the first We Make Collective kit, I'm quite pleased with my first attempt!

Zabby Allen Home Studio

The nicest thing about this move has been finding spaces to put things on display that were previously away in storage, like my pink typewriter (which I think definitely deserves to be seen!). My magazines are also now in a convenient place and eventually I'd like to get a cosy chair in here so I can sit and read them at my leisure!

Zabby Allen Home Studio

Last but not least, my studio mate George! He's currently living between ours and KP's Mum's, but it is SO nice to have him here. A studio just isn't the same without a dog snoring in the corner!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek into my workspace. There's still quite a lot to do, but considering we've only been here 3 weeks I'm really pleased with how it's looking and I feel so lucky to have this lovely space to work in. If you'd like to see some more inspiring studios, have a look at my Studio Spaces to Swoon Over Pinterest board.

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