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Printable Wish List and Shopping List

I wouldn't normally mention the C word so early on in November but I'm attempting to be organised this year, so I've designed these little Christmas printables. I'm a little bit addicted to lists and I like them to be pretty AND efficient so I've kept them as simple as possible. There's a Shopping List so you can work out exactly what you need to buy in advance and a Wish List to fill out and leave lying around your home to drop some subtle hints to your loved ones...

You can download the sheet here. It's A4 (print it borderless for the best results) so that you can easily fold in half and cut.

Hopefully this year I'll be prepared and get my Christmas shopping done nice and early (I may have even bought a couple of gifts already... who am i?!). I'll be buying all my gifts from independent makers this year or making them myself - I hope you will be too!

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