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Printable Holiday Packing List by Zabby Allen

I know it's not Friday but I'm off to Poland this morning with my lovely creative friends Kim, Vicky and Hannah so I thought I'd share a little freebie with you today!

Every time I go off on my travels I write out a little packing list and cross things off as I go. It seems mad to do this every time as my list is almost always the same bar a few little additions here and there, so I finally got my act together and made a printable packing list. It occured to me this would probably be useful for others too so here it is!

There are three pages - the first is a general packing list (click here to download), the second page has a few extras for different trips: summer holidays, winter holidays, and camping/walking trips as well as space for a shopping list (click here to download) and finally there's a to-do list page for those tasks you need to remember before you leave and when you come home (click here to download). Of course not all of the items will suit every trip but I tried to keep it pretty generic (though it's obviously deisgned for me - a lone travelling young female!). I've kept a few blank spaces so you can add extras and the extra box on the clothing section is for you to write the number of each item you'll need.

See examples of the pages below...

Printable Holiday Packing List by Zabby Allen

Printable Holiday Packing List  page 2 by Zabby Allen

Printable Holiday To-Do List by Zabby Allen

Hope you find them useful! I know they'll make all my future trips SO much easier and better organised. Have you got any exciting trips coming up? Or any tips for Warsaw?! Let me know on instagram or twitter!

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