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Dreamy Desinations: Chasng Colour Travel Zabby Allen

I love travelling to new places and I think it's SO important to visit other countries and new, exciting places. I'm in the middle of planning a move and my future travel budget will be practically non-existent so I thought it would be useful to start compiling a list of places I would really LOVE to go and hopefully one day I'll be able make it happen. Unfortunately writing this has just made me want to go on holiday more than ever, woops...

I'm starting off this Dreamy Destinations feature by sharing a number of colourful destinations - the totally instagrammable destinations of my dreams!


Burano by Sugar & Cloth

Burano by Sugar & Cloth

This island in the Ventian lagoon is top of my list right now, because I can combine it with finally visiting Venice (and come on - LOOK AT IT!!). The pretty little island is known for it's little brightly painted houses which follow a specific system originating from the golden age of the island's development. If someone wishes to paint their home they must send a request to the government who will then respond with the specific colours permitted for that lot. I guess it takes a lot of work to maintain that beauty!

Ashley from Sugar & Cloth visited recently and took the most beautiful photos (including the one above), have a swoon on her instagram!


Cinque Terre Bespoke Bride

Cinque Terre by Bespoke Bride

Cinque Terre consists of 5 villages propped up on a coastal hilltop in the Italian Riviera. No doubt you've seen it pop up on Pinterest at some point! If the colourful houses aren't enough to make you want to go, then how about the famous vineyards and pretty national parks? I'm sold! Jessica from Bespoke Bride recently wrote a brilliant blog post about her holiday to Cinque Terre

Italy seems to be full of these beautifully colourful coastal towns. A couple of others to visit are Ponza and Portofino which are both fishing villages (imagine how good the food is!). Can I just hop on a plane now please?


Bo Kaap by Wow Amazing

Photo by Wow Amazing

Bo-Kaap is the historical centre of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town, known for it's cobbled streets and brightly painted houses which date back to the 18th century. The houses were originally painted in celebration of Eid, as Bo-Kaap is largley a muslim community. The food here is meant to be incredible, with many famous South African dishes such as bobotie originating in the Cape Malays.


Rio Favela Painting by Haas&Hahn

Photo by Haas&Hahn

Artists Haas&Hahn create community art by painting entire neighborhoods, with the help of those who live there.

In 2005, Haas&Hahn started work on their Favela Painting project in Rio de Janeiro, which ranged from painting single murals to transforming a whole street into a river and a giant square into an explosion of colour. Due to the crime in the area this project hasn't always been easy, but the artists have helped to drastically improve both the look of this place and the mindsets of many residents. Check out their website for updates or watch their brilliant TED Talk.


La Boca Buenos Aires

Photo by 99TravelTips

So called because it's situated at the mouth of the river that runs along Buenos Aires' southern border (Boca means mouth in Spanish). Previously the town consisted solely of shipyards and the houses of people who worked in them.

These unusual looking houses were built with cast-off ship building materials: planks, sheet metal and corrugated iron. It remains a working class area, though a very popular one with tourists in recent years.


Sintra, Lisbon

Photo from

One of the reasons I'm really keen to go back to Lisbon after visiting last year is because we didn't have time to visit Sintra, a town about 30 minutes drive West of the main city (or about an hour on public transport). It's known for its stunning 19th Century architecture, including the multi-coloured Pena Palace, pictured above. The main town looks really pretty and colourful too.

Not only that, but the centre of Lisbon is also a colour-lovers dream, with painted houses on most streets and an incredible selection of patterned tiles everywhere you look.


Tulip Fields, Amsterdam

Photo from imgur

The colour doesn't have to be painted on a building to excite me, sometimes nature provides the best colours! Having been to Amsterdam twice before, it's frustrating that I've never been in tulip season! I'm determined that next time I go I'll see this colourful spectacle. The rainbow carpet of tulips can be found at Keukenhof Gardens, a short bus ride away from the centre and the season runs from March to May.

Oher places on my colour chasing list include Valparaíso in Chile, Reykjavik in Iceland (where I'm DESPERATE to go), Longyearbyen in Sweden and Júzcar in Spain (which was painted bright blue as a publicity stunt for the Smurfs movie and the residents voted to keep the paint work in favour of their houses being painted back to white in a referendum). Most of them are pinned on my most recent Pinterest board, but let me know if there are any colourful places that I should add to my list!

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