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May 13th 2016

DIY Roundup: Watermelons

Watermelon DIY Ideas

Summer is approaching, I can feel it! Around this time last year I was a little bit obsessed with making fun watermelon themed things - notebooks, coasters and even ice lollies (Please excuse my dodgy old instagram photos)! I had fun pinning some new DIY ideas on my Watermelon DIY Pinterest board last night so I thought I'd share some of my faves with you, which I hope to play around with in future.

  1. Welcome Mat by The House That Lars Built - Once I get my own front door I'm totally making one of these!
  2. Watermelon Umbrella by Studio DIY - I'm forever losing umbrellas but I'd be careful with this badboy!
  3. Painted Planters by Darby Smart - Because you can never have too many cute planters!
  4. Serving Tray by Oh So Beautiful Paper - To serve watermelon mojitos from at those those Summer BBQs!
  5. Hama Bead Headphone Holder - Love this idea! I can't find the original source of this image but I found a YouTube tutorial which shows how you create these - very similar to the coasters I made.

Now we just need the sunshine to continue... In the meantime I'm going to get my DIY on and make some of those headphone holders to keep them tidy in my bag. If nothing here tickles your fancy, check out some other ideas on my Pinterest board! Oh and remember you can still download my free fruity desktop backgrounds and wallpapers - there's a watermelon one in there!

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