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May 29th 2016

DIY Receipt Book

DIY Receipt Book

I've gradually been getting myself more organised and so today I made myself a receipt book to keep track of my expenses for that dreaded tax return! I was originally going to buy a Busy B one I saw on Amazon, but since I'm trying to save my pennies and I already had all the materials at home I thought I'd have a go at making one... it's very grown up as you can see, but at least doing my taxes will involve unicorns from now on.

If you fancy making one yourself then read my little tutorial below and you can also print off some of the inside sheets I used too if you like! I kept one column free so you can add things like returns or a percentage of the price for things you've bought like laptops that you use for both work and play.

DIY receipt book with envelopes

DIY receipt book with envelopes

You will need:

  • 12 C5 envelopes
  • 12 A5 receipt book sheets (download here or design your own)
  • Greyboard or cardboard cut to size
  • Hole Punch
  • Labels and pens
  • 2 Binding Rings
  • Stickers to decorate or paper and glue to cover
  1. Print out 6 receipt book sheets at A4 and cut in half.
  2. Label each envelope with a different month.
  3. Cut greyboard to size - you want to rectangles slightly larger than your envelopes all the way round.
  4. Punch holes in your receipt book sheets.
  5. Punch holes in your envelopes (line them up with one of the sheets to make sure holes will be in the right place
  6. Punch holes in your greyboard covers - I lined up one of the envelopes where I wanted it on the board and drew round the holes then used a leather punch for the holes as my board was really thick and strong. (If you wanted to cover the board with paper then do this before punching the holes!)
  7. Put it all together with your binding rings
  8. Cover in stickers!

printable pages for receipt book DIY

You can print off these receipt book sheets I used here, I print them borderless so that there's enough room down the left edge to punch the holes.

Hope you find this helpful! Let me know on instagram or twitter if you've made your own receipt book too or if you've bought a really fancy one!

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