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Apr 14th 2016

Crushin' on Caboodle

Caboodle SS16

The arrival of Spring is making me so much happier these days - the sun has been shining more and colourful flowers are popping up all over the place, making even my grey corner of London look rather pretty! With the arrival of Spring came the arrival of something else rather exciting - the SS16 issue of Caboodle! Pre-ordered issues came with extra loveliness, including these seeds harvested from the Caboodle Garden and a rather amazing unicorn bottle-opener keyring (something I DEFINITELY needed in my life).

Caboodle Seeds

Caboodle was created by best friends and all round top girls Kayti and Amy - I'll hand over to them to explain the magazine in their own words:

Caboodle is a bi-annual print compendium of all the wonderful things in life. More than ‘just a magazine’, it offers inspiration, attainable aspiration and information for those with a sense of adventure and a curious spirit. Filled with beautiful photography and illustrations along with exciting editorials and features, Caboodle is fun and colourful, with a sense of humour and optimistic nature.

From crochet to cocktails, it offers a little bit of what everybody fancies, with a kindhearted and encouraging ethos. It is, in essence, a lovely magazine designed for delightful, artistically minded people who have found themselves saying, “I could make that”. We LOVE handmade!

Caboodle is designed to be a beautiful keepsake, to be displayed on bookshelves and read again and again.

Caboodle Girls

I've been a big fan of Caboodle ever since treating myself to the first two issues last year so I was thrilled when Kayti asked me if I'd like to contribute a DIY, especially since the theme was English Country Garden and I'd become a bit obsessed with pressing flowers at that point in time.

I wanted to explore some more bookbinding tutorials, and looked back through my old box of samples for inspiration. I found a concertina book that I'd sewn envelopes into and the idea struck for a 'Gardener's Scrapbook' - somewhere you could keep notes, ideas, seeds and clippings all in one place!

So, here's a little sneaky peek for you of my DIY tutorial from the pages of Caboodle SS16. I'm in great company, with several wonderful page neighbours including Twinkie Chan, Mim from Made by Mim, Amy from Super+Super and Lucy from Peas & Needles all providing craft tutorials ranging from gnome piñatas to crochet bee dog jumpers!!!

Zabby Allen Caboodle DIY

Zabby Allen Caboodle DIY

Zabby Allen Caboodle DIY

Here are a few bonus close-ups because I love you!

Zabby Allen Pressed Flowers

Zabby Allen Garderners Scrapbook DIY

Zabby Allen Garderners Scrapbook DIY

I'd love to see someone make one of these badboys! The best thing about them is that they're totally customisable. I know that it may sound and look quite complicated, but as long as you measure correctly you'll be totally fine. My design was based around a standard C6 envelope, but you could make yours to any size you like! If you need any more pointers, send me a message and I'd be happy to help!

Caboodle just seems to get better and better every issue. It's so refreshing to read a magazine which champions independent creatives (and features photoshoots featuring REAL UNICORNS!).... If you'd like to buy a copy, head to the Caboodle website and follow Caboodle on instagram for all sorts of extra fun!

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