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Crafty Critters: Fall For DIY

Time for another installment of Crafty Critters, my interview series where I chat to some of my fave creative instagrammers who share photos of their gorgeous work and their pets online! This is fast becoming my favourite part of the month!

This month I caught up with Fran of successful DIY blog Fall for DIY and craft subscription box / crafty community We Make Collective. Fall for DIY has been my favourite DIY blog for a long time. Fran's DIY projects always look so effortlessly cool and she uses such a wide range of materials to create objects that wouldn't look out of place in a high end design shop. She's also the proud owner of the brilliantly named Bun Jovi! Find out more about Fran and her bouncy friend below...

The thing I love about your DIYs is that you use such a variety of materials. You don't seem to be afraid of working with any tools or the materials other DIY blogs may shy away from. Have you always been very crafty and hands on?

It sounds cliché but I’ve always been making, not art or design but making things with my hands. Whether that was lego houses and racing cars or dolls clothes and cross stitch. I loved learning to work with wood at school and learning to make jewellery in the bead shop I worked in after uni. I always love learning something new and I find the best way to learn is getting your hands dirty!

Fall for DIY Crafty Critters Interview

How long have you been blogging and what's changed in the world of blogging since you started?

At my last count I’ve been blogging for 6 years and while I can’t possibly describe all the changes that have happened since then I can give it a good go! Blogs are now so much prettier than they used to be, as well as much more professional and business led. When I began most blogs were used to promote a business or to sell something and as they grew began advertising and creating sponsored posts as well. Social media has changed the blogging landscape and given us all the chance to be seen by an ever growing audience. Vlogging, micro blogging and micro vlogging are all now ‘things’ and some might argue the future of blogging. And while we don’t know exactly where blogging really is going we know changes happen fast and furiously. It’s all very exciting don’t you think!?

Fall For DIY Crafty Critters Interview

When and where did you get your rabbit Bun Jovi and what made you want a rabbit?

I have to admit my rabbit was from my local pet store. Once we have a bigger home we’ll be adopting a bunny boyfriend for her (with all the appropriate vet visits so we don’t have rabbit babies anytime soon!). We currently live in a flat so a cat or dog wasn’t practical and while walking through our local pet store (which is a great shortcut) I saw our little bun and fell in love. The rest is history.

Fall For DIY Crafty Critters Interview

When you're stuck for inspiration what do you do?

I have a system to combat this! I have many lists of ideas, thoughts and plans as a go to any time I’m feeling stuck for inspiration. They can be image based on Pinterest, or just ideas from my own mind using Wunderlist on my phone or laptop or in my planner. Basically when an idea strikes I have somewhere to store it. When I’m on the ball I let myself take some time to explore ideas just to add to my lists. It means I always have a jumping off point for a project and my problem is not having enough time to get through the lists!

Fall For DIY Crafty Critters Interview

How does the process of planning a DIY post differ when you're working on your own ideas for yourself versus working on a sponsored post for a company?

I’m lucky that most of the companies I work for trust me and give me full reign with my ideas, but sometimes I have to be more careful before rushing off and working on an project. It’s always good to be very clear with your ideas and even create a mood board or collection of images to represent your ideas.

Fall For DIY Crafty Critters Interview

Am I right in thinking you moved into a separate studio recently after working from home? Do you miss Bun Jovi in your studio?

Yes, I moved to my new studio at the start of this year. I really do miss having her hopping around my feet. Although it is nice being able to put something down on the ground without it being chewed and eaten. And I have to admit I get a lot more done when she’s not nipping my ankles for attention.

Fall For DIY Crafty Critters Interview

What's it been like setting up your craft subscription box We Make Collective? Has it changed the way your work on your other projects?

Setting up We Make Collective has been a huge learning curve. I have to admit I did underestimate the work involved but I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it one year in. It does mean I have a lot less time to focus on creating content for the blog. I have to make sure I plan better and work more productively in order to get all the jobs on my to do list done.

Fall For DIY Crafty Critters Interview

What are some of your favourite pet / creative pet owner accounts to follow on instagram?

I love @bunnymama! Her bunnies are the cutest and totally deserve the huge following they have. The best part is that all the profits from her account (and t-shirt sales) go to helping rescue bunnies!

Fall For DIY Crafty Critters Interview

All photos courtesy of Fran's Fall for DIY account, except the last three which are @bunnymama

Thanks so much to Fran for taking the time to talk to me all about her work and her little furball Bun Jovi. You can find her at Fall For DIY and We Make Collective. Catch up with what her and her fluffy sidekick are up to on Fran's instagram account.

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