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Colour Walkers

Last weekend I dragged myself out of bed bright and early and hopped on the train to Shoreditch to celebrate the 13th World Wide Instameet. When I saw Blogtacular's tweet advertising a Colour Lovers Photo Walk hosted by Colour Queen Xanthe Berkley I knew I had to be there! We wandered around East London, starting at the Camille Walala mural at Splice (which apparently is soon to be covered up, boo!) and ending at the MadC mural on Chance Street, getting in people's way with our incredible Bonbon balloons. We kept bumping into a school trip who I think were rather envious of our props!

It was so nice to meet people I've followed online for some time and have a chat IRL as well as meet lots of new people too. I'm feeling a bit rusty with photography, so my photos aren't the best but they're certainly colourful and it was good to take my camera out to play. Next time I think I'd just concentrate on using one device, rather than balancing photos between my phone, DSLR and an occasional disposable photo! Here are a few of my favourite photos of the day, which I think convey how much fun we had...

Walala Girls

Xanthe & Kat of Blogtacular spreading cheer!

Sunshine Susans

We make a pretty good girl band I think! From left to right - Lucy of ShinyThoughts, Kelly of A Place of My Own, Me, Viktorija of AndSmile, Kat of Blogtacular. Photo by Lucy.


Noticed lots of these cute Bortusk pieces pasted up around Shoreditch

Shiny Lucy

It was great to meet Lucy of Shiny Thoughts, which is definitely one of my favourite blogs to browse. She recently wrote a great blog post about Manchester, which I'll be using when I visit my friend who just relocated there!

Insta stride

It was also really nice to meet Tessa from All Things Stationery (on the left here) as I've been following her on instagram for a while. If you're a stationery nerd like me then definitely check her out.


The lovely Jeanine of Wanderings and Wanderings can jump like a gazelle!

Lucy showed off her yoga moves and those beautiful balloons!


The Chance Street Mural proved the perfect backdrop. It was really great to take some photos there, as I'd taken a few in the past but never posted them. I think I needed some models! Here's Xanthe, Lucy, Viktorija and Charlotte of the brilliant Betty Magazine who it was super nice to finally meet in person.

Thanks to Xanthe for organising, I had such a fun time, even though my fingers were so cold by the end of it that they stopped working ! Looking forward to the next one... Check out Xanthe's video of the day on her instagram and find everyone else's photos on #WWIM13ColourLovers.

Xanthe Berkley

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