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DIY folded paper boxes)

Here's a multi-functional DIY project for you: folded paper boxes that can be used for storage or gift boxes! I took a degree in Book Arts & Design (obscure I know!) and this is something that our bookbinding tutor Jane Drinkwater shared with us. I've been using my boxes as storage but I think the...

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Anyone that knows me knows I'm slightly addicted to one particular social media platform... Instagram! Since signing up I've discovered so many inspiring people and connected with some wonderful creatives that I have admired for a long time. So for today's post I thought I'd feature a few accounts...

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Halloween is approaching fast! What a great excuse to dress up in a ridiculous costume and decorate your house.

This year I've broken from the traditional colour scheme of black, orange and purple and created something a little more colourful! The best bit is that I already had all of the materials at home so it was completely free and now I have more money to spend on sweeties and pumpkins!

inky blinky pinky clyde banner diy

Introducing the Pacman Ghosts Banner!


diy pacman ghost banner materials

  • Pacman Ghost template (Download Here!)
  • Twine or string (I used the twine from my Lucky Dip Club box!)
  • Ruler
  • Scalpel
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Double sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Scraps of card: red, pink, light blue, orange, white, dark blue.
  • Some extra tape (maybe!)


Cut out the three part template. Draw around the pieces on the correct coloured card and then cut them out. I just drew around the Ghost shape once and lined up the blank pieces of card behind this and cut out with a scalpel which saved me a bit of time. You could just use scissors if that's all you have though!

diy pacman ghost banner step 1

Decide where you want the eyes to go and stick them down with a glue stick.

diy pacman ghost banner step 2

Using the original template mark the top fold and carefully fold over at this point. If you're using especially thick card you may want to score this lightly with a ruler and scalpel in order to get a clean fold.

diy pacman ghost banner step 3

Decide which order you'd like your ghosts to be in.

diy pacman ghost banner step 4

Lay the ghosts face down on the twine in the correct order and stick double-sided tape on the tab. Fold over the twine to secure. Remember that this will all be backwards - if you want your red ghost (Blinky!) to be on the left of your banner you'll need to stick him on the right! Repeat this with all four ghosts

diy pacman ghost banner step 5

If your card is extra thick or you've bought cheap double-sided tape like me… you might need to secure with some extra tape.

diy pacman ghost banner step 6

Now you're ready to hang up your banner and go and put on your most ridiculous costume. If you dont have one yet then I recommend you check out Studio DIY's suggestions!

diy halloween pacman ghost banner

Next week I'm featuring a Halloween DIY roundup of some easy, last minute DIY ideas so if you see anything you think I should feature then remember to tag me in on instagram or twitter @zabbyallen.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. There's a sneak peek of next week's DIY in that photo of my desk - can you guess what it is?!

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